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16 November 2011 at 00:00 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

OK, after reading about 30 blogs I feel that I really need to redo my final post. Why? Just read through =)

Reflection Delusion

I thought I have been doing “reflection” all the times, but that’s not exactly what I’m doing. I’m just sharing what I think I should have got during that week. The thirty blogs that I read, mostly talked about their great experience with other people, with the new coding skills they acquired, and the new thoughts of how life works. For me, I didn’t actually experience great things. I just feel that everything works as it should be. I didn’t have vision for ALL the three assignments (+1 review) I had, as I didn’t really believe on the products I were creating (or reviewing): KilometerStones, VNC Viewer, mQueue, and Yunreading. Then why is it so? I think that’s because of my thoughts on other people comments. I get easily discouraged and give up, given some strong counter arguments that I couldn’t counter back, which might not even be too strong, if I just willing to do some more research. I apologize for all my teammates during this course, apparently I was just being a good (yes, I should not say that I didn’t do good work) clockwork without soul. I really need to endure, I think I’ve lost my endurance this semester, if I compare it to last semester endurance, where I could do a lot of things for CS3217 coding.

Don’t take things for granted

The subtitle seems cliche, but I really literally took things for granted. I didn’t regard all the new skills I got in this module as something that I can say “learned through this module” although apparently it is. Given my nature that’s quite hard to try new things on my own, definitely being given assignments that require new skills is really helped me, so I really learned something from this module. I took it for granted, as if it’s just what naturally I should be able to do, when I learned how to setup LAMP server on Amazon (thanks to Cong Hoang’s blog for the term LAMP), URL rewriting, working with Facebook APIs, using Sencha & Jquery, and the ability to think about values on top of money (thanks Shaohuan for reminding me). Probably due to my lack of interest in the products that I didn’t regard those new skills as something, although it might be due to that I’m built to do things more than that. I hope it’s the second one.

Working with other people

I’ve never been purposely looking for coders in my team, but apparently except for my cloud assignment, my teams were all-coder team. I feel really sad about this, looking at other groups which work with different kind of people, I work with coders again. Although for the all-coder teams, I took a bit of role as the manager, which might give some lessons for me to put more interests on the products. And talking about “other people”, it reminds me of my talk with Prof Ben during poster session (which was quite touching, according to Yingbo), that this module is about the “real-world” part of software engineering, on how to sell the product to other people.


So overall, again I say, this module is really great, great in the way that it’s actually touch many parts of your life, not only coding, not only designing, but also moral values and how you look on yourself. And a big thank you for Prof Ben Leong for conducting this module! Really appreciate all your hardwork and ideas for this module, thank you for doing something that you think is good =)


If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.


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  1. Oh no, I posted this on 16th Nov 00:00 !! =p

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