Project and Time management

28 October 2011 at 11:15 | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Clearly having two projects + UROP at one time is a heavy load, and it might impose harm to your mental health by stressing you out through things that apparently doesn’t have any power to stress you out, if you don’t focus at the size of the problem you have. Set aside one time to manage the priority, then focus on one work at a time. Then it should not stress you out, at least not as bad.

Now, let’s reflect back to my projects.

I’ve been wasting time since the start of the final project of CS3216. I think it’s because I didn’t put the correct priority to my projects (other modules as well), so that I was so unfocused, switching projects from time to time. That caused some 8 hours of accomplishing nothing, although I still learnt something from it, which is this post.

Another point is that I didn’t put myself in the correct position in the team. Considering that I didn’t have much time to code, I should not really be stressed out to think detailed code of parts not mine, although I should do care about the progress of others. And somehow I feel that it’s quite fun actually to be a project manager, which is to know the big picture, and might sometimes give detailed instructions (in this case, the project size is quite small, so it’s possible).

And about UROP, I really learnt something from this: Find the clear purpose that can help you be enthusiastic about the work and not only that, it can also help you determine what to do, especially in research context. I was having a few months of zombie work, doing something but was not really sure why I did that.

So, let’s have a clear purpose for everything we do.



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